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These are my Grandads Cars for sale Forums user known for being the biggest nerd ever. 

In a short space of time, spending many summers indoors whilst sun shines outside, I gained a whopping 40,000+ posts on GZ-24. 

After growing one year older I realised How much Of a Dork I was so asked an Admin to delete this. Which they did.


I spend my day and night on my personal computer. I fantasise about Helicopters so I pretend to everyone that Im someone important in the German Army. Gives me a Buzz. 

My WifeEdit

my wife is with me 24/7 and never leaves my right hand side - I give it to her 5 times a day !!

written by LuK3 


My Wife




My new american car

Il 570xN.123607940

a christmas present from my mum



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